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Platinum Pool designs, builds and services inground swimming pools, not only in Kenilworth, IL but in most of the surrounded communities of Kenilworth, Illinois.

We have nearly 50 years of designing, building, and servicing swimming pools and spas in the Chicagoland area. Every unique, high-end swimming pool design begins with a spark of desire. We go to great lengths to get to know as much about our clients as possible. We devote an incredible amount of time collecting subtle details about our clients’ desires – both in practical and in fantasy.

We offer our swimming pool services to both residential and commercial customers in Kenilworth, Illinois.

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Kenilworth, IL

Pool & Spa Design Services

  • Indoor
  • Inground
  • Outdoor
  • Custom spas

Kenilworth, IL

Swimming Pool Renovation Services

  • Swimming pool repairs
  • Tile/coping repairs
  • Pool filtration repairs
  • Swimming pool resurfacing/painting

Kenilworth, IL

Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

  • Weekly swimming pool maintenance
  • Auto covers
  • Winter covers
  • Pool openings/closings

If you are considering building a swimming pool at your  home Platinum would like to meet with you. We have a beautiful showroom where we can show you the various options for your fantastic new swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Contractors

Platinum Pools is a builder that specializes in building custom inground swimming pools and custom spas. Platinum Pools can design your outdoor living space to include an outdoor kitchen, fire features, and the landscaping to compliment your outdoor living. In reality Platinum Pools is much more than just a pool construction company. We also provide swimming pool maintenance services for many clients in Kenilworth.

Platinum Pool works with clients from across Illinois who are looking to have inground swimming pools, spas, and commercial pools designed and built. Platinum Pool also provides pool maintenance and renovation services for swimming pools and spas. We can help you have a backyard of your dreams. If you live in Kenilworth, Illinois and you are looking to have an inground swimming pool designed and built contact us today and we can make your backyard into a paradise.

Meet with a Pool Consultant

We can meet with you at your home or if you would like to come into our showroom to discuss options for your pool contact us here.